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Casa de Oren Awards

Traveller Review Award 2024


Congratulations on winning a Traveller Review Award 2024! This award shines a spotlight on your exceptional dedication this year. On behalf of all of us at, thanks to you and your team for going above and beyond to make your guests feel at home.

"We know how much effort you put in to make every guest’s stay magical. You and your team do much more than just provide a place to sleep: your hospitality makes the world a friendlier, more welcoming place. We’re proud to partner with you – and I look forward to growing together in 2024 and beyond.”

Glenn Fogel

CEO of

Best of GBB in 2023: Green Businesses Leading the Sustainable Business Movement

Congratulations to you and your green team at Casa de Oren  for all of the hard work put in last year around your environmentally green efforts and work with Green Business Bureau! Your decision and dedication to make this commitment to work towards lowering your company's environmental footprint is commendable. 


All of us here at GBB are proud to have you as part of our green family and to celebrate your company as one of the "Best of GBB in 2022!" Please feel free to share this article with your team, employees, customers and community. 


Traveller Review Award 2023

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