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Casa de Oren is situated on the hillside opposite the Inca Fortifications and Terraces of Pisac. All rooms offer incredible panoramic views beyond the extensive gardens. The gardens include six separate seating areas giving our guests some of the best 360 degree views in all of Peru and of course the star filled 'dark night' skies during the Peruvian winters.


The upper garden features a patio, fire pit, traditional pizza oven, BBQ and a wood fired hot tub, whilst the lower garden has over 50 fruit trees and a shaded seating area beneath a eucalyptus parasol covered in bougainvillea. This seating area offers a perfect vantage point to watch the four different species of hummingbirds that frequent the Casa de Oren gardens.

Casa de Oren Over the Rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbows, way up high

there is a land that I heard of

and the dreams that you dare to dream

really do come true

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