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Welcome to Casa de Oren


Casa de Oren is in many ways unique; having been built from the earth and rocks that surround it, and is one of the few curved adobe buildings in Peru.

The 9,000 adobe (mud) bricks used in the construction were made from the local site earth, which has a fairly high clay content.

Adobe Bricks Drying
Dried Grass for Adobe Bricks

The earth was manually mixed with dried grass and water and cast in open molds, on the ground, where it was left to dry by the sun.

Adobe walls have a number of advantages and relatively few disadvantages. As with all forms of earth construction, adobe bricks are a fire proof, durable yet biodegradable, non-toxic building material, which provide sufficient thermal mass to buildings to ensure excellent thermal performance. Other benefits include good sound insulation levels through walls.

Casa de Oren Adobe Construction
Casa de Oren Timber Roof

In addition to the adobe bricks and local rocks, a significant amount of wood was used in the construction. The wood was cut from a sustainable source of eucalyptus trees (from the hill behind Casa de Oren), which when felled regrow from the remaining stump.

Each of the six guest rooms has a double and single bed, an on suite power shower room with plentiful hot water and a private balcony or terrace.


Five of the guest rooms are on the first floor with the sixth room being on the ground floor. All have stunning balcony views of the Pisac Citadel and Terraces.

The downstairs common room is used to serve breakfast and evening meals and for relaxing and meeting other guests. The common room includes a wood burning stove which provides a warm and welcoming environment during the winter mornings and evenings.

Breakfast at Casa de Oren
Casa de Oren Patio

Guests enjoying their 3 course breakfast at Casa de Oren - Yummy

The common room extends out onto a large patio area which can also be used for dining, relaxing and socialising.

Guests and Oren enjoying an afternoon relaxing on the Patio at Casa de Oren

Humming Bird Nest at Casa de Oren

Beyond the patio the extensive gardens are full of trees, shrubs, flowers, butterflies, hummingbirds and bird song. 

Mabel shows the exquisite and delicate work of a hummingbird nest

Gray Breasted Saberwing
Large Moth at Casa de Oren

Meet Bob, one of our Gray Breasted Saberwings. Bob is one of four species of hummingbirds that visit or frequent the Casa de Oren gardens.

Black Wasp at Casa de Oren

One of the rare and beautiful moths to visit Casa de Oren's  Gardens at night

A black wasp building its mud nest in the Casa de Oren Gardens

The Casa de Oren gardens have several seating areas positioned to take advantage of the spectacular 360 degree views, a clay pizza oven, a BBQ area and a circular seating area around an impressive fire pit.

Pizza time at Casa de Oren
Traditional Pizza Oven at Casa de Oren

Casa de Oren guests and Oren preparing their pizzas

Make your own mouthwatering Pizza and then cook it to perfection in our traditional clay oven

Our traditional clay oven produces the best pizzas in the Sacred Valley

What better way to end your day 'with the Incas' than to relax in the Casa de Oren wood fired hot tub, enjoying a nice cold beer whilst looking up at the 100 billion stars in our galaxy......................


End your day relaxing in the Casa de Oren Wood Fired Hot Tub

Casa de Oren Night Sky

Casa de Oren provides an ideal location for artists, walker's, ramblers, hikers, photographers, star gazers (clear dark skies during the Peruvian winter), nature lovers - (ornithologists, lepidopterists, entomologists, and the rest of the ologists) and of course anyone interested in Inca culture, ancient monuments and structures.

The Night Sky from the Casa de Oren gardens

Casa de Oren is a rural property where, at certain times of the year (July/August), you can still see the local farmers working their fields with bulls (Toro's).


Being rural there are no town noises, no traffic noises or car alarms, and there is no pollution.

Can it get any better?.......................we doubt it.

Bulls Working the Fields Around Casa de Oren

Toro's and their handlers working the fields around Casa de Oren 

Come and discover the charm and wonder of Casa de Oren for yourself

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